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KoMitsuLite Alumina Resin: A Material Revolution Now Digital

When KoMitsuLite Alumina Resin approached Monstrous Media Group, they had a clear goal: translate the revolutionary aspects of their alumina resin products into a digital presence that stands out. Their Shopify-powered website needed to provide both information and commerce capabilities in a seamless way, and it was up to us to make it happen.

Monstrous Media Group: Pioneering Digital Innovation

Just as KoMitsuLite Alumina Resin pushes the boundaries in the materials sector, Monstrous Media Group thrives on digitally transcending client expectations. We knew Shopify CMS would give us the agility and robustness required for an e-commerce powerhouse without sacrificing aesthetics or functionality.

The Crafting Journey

Our experts delved into the project with keen eyes and nimble fingers, working alongside KoMitsuLite's team. The focus was to ensure that the website was not just a storefront but a comprehensive resource for anyone interested in alumina resin — from industries to individual researchers.

A Shopify Success

The final product is more than a website; it’s a hub for a material revolution. The Shopify platform provided the necessary architecture to blend content and commerce, creating an environment where visitors could learn, shop and interact effortlessly.

The Business Impact

Although the feedback has been sparse, KoMitsuLite has been reaping the rewards, evidenced by the success of their digital operations. The website has proven to be an invaluable asset, serving not just as a sales portal but also as an educational platform, solidifying KoMitsuLite's reputation in the industry.

Tech Collaboration

Working in conjunction with KoMitsuLite’s in-house team, we focused on merging the unique branding and technical specifications into Shopify's versatile CMS. The process was smooth and highly collaborative, resulting in a finished product that exceeded expectations.

Future-Proof and Secure

The Shopify CMS was a crucial choice, given its renowned security features and ease of scalability. For a company that’s at the cutting edge of material science, having a digital platform that can evolve in tandem with their innovations was non-negotiable.

Where to Next?

While the digital journey for KoMitsuLite has just begun, their new website is poised to become a cornerstone of their growth strategy. As for Monstrous Media Group, we stand ready to assist with any future digital endeavors.

Come explore the digital face of material innovation at KoMitsuLite Alumina Resin's website and discover how they're reshaping the world, one molecule at a time.


KoMitsuLite Alumina Resin: A Material Revolution Now Digital

Transforming RTG Medical’s Career Portal: A Robust, Secure and User-Friendly Experience

In the high-stakes field of health care staffing, there's no room for error. That's where RTG Medical found itself — a recognized leader with over 20 years in the health care staffing industry, facing a unique challenge. They had a vision for a career site that would promote their incredible range of services, but they lacked the in-house front-end development expertise to make it a reality. Enter Monstrous Media Group.

A High-Stakes Field with No Room for Error

When you're dealing with health care staffing, you're literally dealing with people's lives. RTG Medical needed a website that reflected its commitment to excellence. However, they were faced with a pressing challenge. They had the vision but not the in-house technical skill set to bring it to life in a timely fashion.

Where Design Meets Functionality

This is where Monstrous Media Group bridged the gap. Our team partnered with RTG's in-house IT staff and designers to create a website that wouldn't just serve as a digital pamphlet but would be a functional tool for both employers and prospective employees.

Our approach centered on two key features:

  • Web 3.0 Responsiveness: We implemented HTML5 with CSS3 to make sure the user experience was seamless across all devices. In a world where the next potential hire could be browsing on a phone, a tablet or a desktop, responsiveness was non-negotiable.
  • User-Centric UI: An intuitive layout and design meant that users could easily find the information they needed, making the often stressful job search just a little bit easier.

Security and Speed: A Balancing Act

Given the sensitive nature of the health care industry, the focus was not just on speed and efficiency but also on security. After evaluating multiple options, the decision was clear: ExpressionEngine CMS was the way to go. It's the most secure and robust CMS in the market, capable of delivering the performance we need without compromising on security.

The Proof is in the Performance

As the saying goes, "The proof is in the pudding.” Since the website went live, RTG Medical has successfully staffed its new location building. If that's not a vote of confidence, we don't know what is.

Our Work is Never Done

At Monstrous Media Group, we believe in building relationships, not just websites. As RTG Medical's needs evolve, so does our support. We continue to update and maintain the code base and feature sets, making sure they're always at the cutting edge of health care staffing solutions.

Transforming RTG Medical’s Career Portal: A Robust, Secure and User-Friendly Experience

Gretna Farmers Market: Where Community and Freshness Collide

Welcome to the heart and soul of Downtown Gretna, where freshness, community and local pride converge – the Gretna Farmers Market. Nestled just off McKenna Ave, this vibrant local market isn't just a market; it's an experience waiting to be explored. Here, everyone from Gretna and the surrounding areas congregates to revel in the delights of fresh local produce, delectable baked goods, tantalizing food trucks and the craftsmanship of local artisans.

The Challenge We Embraced

When Gretna Farmers Market sought to embark on a digital journey, they entrusted Monstrous Media Group with a challenge as exciting as it was essential: create a brand-new website that embodies both the spirit of the community and the vibrancy of the market. But there was more to it. They needed the world to know who they were.

Monstrous Magic Unveiled

Our team at Monstrous Media Group, armed with creativity and cutting-edge tech, set to work. We conjured a website on Expression Engine 7.3.3 that isn't just functional; it's an aesthetic marvel that captures the very essence of Gretna Farmers Market.

Navigating the website is as effortless as strolling through their market stalls. You can easily access event details, vendor information and everything you need to be part of their vibrant community. But we didn't stop there.

We ventured into the digital realm with a robust marketing strategy. SEO and social media marketing became our paintbrushes, and Gretna Farmers Market's online presence, our canvas. We launched bespoke Instagram and Facebook profiles, infusing them with our distinctive flair. Our SEO strategy, a local masterpiece, ensures that anyone seeking the joys of the market finds them effortlessly on search engines.

The Unveiling of a Digital Gem

What emerged from this collaboration isn't just a website; it's a digital experience that mirrors the heart of Gretna Farmers Market. It's a testament to their commitment to community, freshness and innovation. At Gretna Farmers Market, they’re not just open for business; they’re open for connection, growth and celebration.

In partnership with Monstrous Media Group, they’ve brought the spirit of their market into the digital age, and they're inviting everyone to be part of their vibrant tapestry. So, come, explore and be part of the Gretna Farmers Market story. 


Gretna Farmers Market: Where Community and Freshness Collide

The Digital Gavel: Joey Martin Auctioneers — Where High-Tech Meets High-Stakes

In the competitive landscape of auctions, Joey Martin Auctioneers stands apart with their commitment to bringing exceptional value to both buyers and sellers. Yet, they found themselves in need of a digital platform that could seamlessly integrate with our own proprietary Auction360 Auction Platform, Wavebid auction management and the Proxibid marketplace. Like many tasks set before us, we were entrusted with tackling this challenge. 

Beyond the Auction Block: The Tech Challenge of Joey Martin Auctioneers

Joey Martin Auctioneers isn’t just about the auctioneer's gavel and the bidding wars. It's about maximizing the value of each transaction, efficiently and transparently. In the digital age, that means having a website capable of automated integration with Wavebid for real-time auction and lot information, as well as connecting with the live auction experience on Proxibid. A standard website would not suffice; this needed tailored expertise.

The Fusion of Technology and Auctioneering

Collaborating closely with Joey Martin Auctioneers, Monstrous Media Group employed a multi-faceted approach to ensure that the website would serve as a hub for all things auction-related. The emphasis was on:

  • Web 3.0 Responsiveness: Leveraging HTML5 and CSS3, we crafted a website that delivers a seamless user experience across devices.
  • Automated Integration: Thanks to our in-house Auction360 software, the website pulls real-time auction and lot data directly from Wavebid. It doesn't just inform; it updates and evolves in real time.
  • Live Auction Experience: Automatic integration with the Proxibid marketplace ensures that users can effortlessly transition from browsing lots to participating in live auctions, capturing the excitement and immediacy of the auction house.

Secured by the Best: ExpressionEngine CMS

Given the nature of the transactions, security was of paramount importance. We chose ExpressionEngine CMS, renowned for its robust security features, to offer both the auctioneers and the bidders peace of mind as they navigate through the website.

Delivering Results Through Digital Expertise

Success in the auction business is about efficiency, precision and trust. Joey Martin Auctioneers' new website delivers on all these fronts. Though concrete testimonials are yet to be collected, the seamless user experience and integration point to a resounding success.

Always Be Bidding: An Evolving Partnership

Our commitment to Joey Martin Auctioneers is far from over. As the auction industry evolves, so will our support. Ongoing maintenance and updates ensure that the website remains a vital asset in Joey Martin Auctioneers' success story.

The Digital Gavel: Joey Martin Auctioneers — Where High-Tech Meets High-Stakes

Digital Dreams, Real Impact: DREAM’s Transformational Journey Online

DREAM is not just another organization; it’s a lifeline for hundreds of at-risk youth, providing a range of critical programs from after-school activities to athletics and mentoring. To expand their reach and continue changing lives, DREAM needed a digital platform that could tell their story, involve the community and provide real-time information. That's where Monstrous Media Group stepped in.

More Than Numbers: The Mission Behind DREAM’s Digital Platform

For over 13 years, DREAM has been making a tangible impact in the lives of young people in Omaha, NE, and Springfield, MO. However, numbers alone can’t tell the story of transformation, empowerment and community. The challenge was to create a website that not only provided information but encapsulated the very essence of what DREAM stands for.

Empowering the Next Generation, Digitally

Working closely with DREAM’s team, we focused on bringing to life the vision of Steven Warren, CEO of DREAM, who believes in the power of community to bring about change. Here's what we emphasized:

  • Accessibility: With 100% free programs for youth, it was essential that the website itself was easily navigable for both young people and their families.
  • Multi-Faceted Programs: Whether it’s after-school activities, mentoring or athletics, each program has its own dedicated section, allowing visitors to dive deep into what interests them.
  • Real-Time Updates: Just as DREAM is ever-evolving, so is the website. A dedicated section for real-time updates ensures that the community stays involved and informed.

Safety and Security: The Unsung Heroes

Because DREAM deals with at-risk youth, the importance of a secure digital platform cannot be overstated. We chose to use ExpressionEngine CMS for its superior security features, offering peace of mind to parents, caregivers and the DREAM team.

Transforming Lives, One Click at a Time

Though the website is a new addition to DREAM’s toolbox, its role in driving community involvement and providing essential information to families is unquestionable. It’s more than just a website; it’s an extension of DREAM's ongoing mission to empower youth.

Building the Future, Together

At Monstrous Media Group, we believe that our role doesn't end when a website goes live. We are committed to supporting DREAM in their incredible journey, ensuring that the website evolves along with their expanding programs and community reach.

Visit DREAM:


Digital Dreams, Real Impact: DREAM’s Transformational Journey Online

Thrift World Shopify Store: Where Sustainable Shopping Meets Modern Convenience

Thrift World is a retail thrift store company that promotes the reuse and recycling of used clothing, accessories and other household goods in partnership with nonprofit organizations. 

Thrift World’s mission goes beyond providing great deals. They’re passionate about sustainability and reducing our environmental footprint. That is why their goal is to make sustainable and stylish shopping accessible to everyone.

The Challenge We Embraced

When Thrift World decided to expand its horizons and bring its thrift store to the digital realm, they turned to Monstrous Media Group with an exciting challenge: to create a Shopify store that captures the essence of Thrift World while making it easily accessible to shoppers far and wide.

Monstrous Magic Unveiled

Our team at Monstrous Media Group took up the challenge with enthusiasm. We designed and developed a Shopify store that's not just functional, but a seamless blend of style and sustainability. Navigating their online thrift store is as easy as flipping through racks of clothing in a physical store.

Explore their Shopify store, and you'll find a handpicked selection of secondhand fashion, unique vintage finds and eco-friendly treasures. Discovering your next favorite outfit or hidden gem is just a click away.

But we didn't stop there. We recognized the importance of reaching out to a broader audience and making Thrift World's sustainable mission known. 

We leveraged our expertise in digital marketing to craft a strategy tailored to Thrift World's values. Our SEO wizardry ensures that anyone searching for sustainable fashion or secondhand treasures finds Thrift World effortlessly on search engines.

The Unveiling of a Digital Thrift Haven

What emerged from this collaboration isn't just a Shopify store; it's a digital thrift haven. It's a testament to Thrift World’s commitment to sustainable style and innovation. They don’t just sell clothes; they offer a sustainable lifestyle. 

In partnership with Monstrous Media Group, Thrift World has seamlessly blended the world of thrift shopping with the digital age. Their Shopify store is a gateway to sustainable fashion, and their team invites everyone to be part of an eco-friendly thrifting environment. So, come, explore and be part of the Thrift World experience. 


Thrift World Shopify Store: Where Sustainable Shopping Meets Modern Convenience

Midlands Printing: Where Print Meets Progress

Midlands Printing isn't your run-of-the-mill printing company; they’re your gateway to a world where the age-old art of print collides with the cutting-edge domain of technology. Nestled in the vibrant heart of Omaha, Nebraska, their mission is to redefine printing services, not just for businesses but for individuals who dare to dream big.

Why We Were Summoned

The printing virtuosos at Midlands Printing recognized that to thrive in the digital age, they needed a digital partner. That's when they reached out to the tech-savvy team at Monstrous Media Group.

Enter the Monstrous Magic

Our Monstrous team took the helm, embarking on a mission to breathe fresh life into Midlands Printing's online presence. The objective was clear - to cater to the sensibilities of today's discerning business owners. 

So, what did our Monstrous squad do? First, we waved our digital wands and conjured up a brand-new website, sleek and tailored for modern tastes. But that was just the beginning.

In our arsenal, we had a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. Picture this: a symphony of social media marketing and SEO, harmonizing to create a crescendo of brand awareness that reverberates throughout the entire Midwest community.

The Grand Unveiling

The culmination of our Monstrous efforts unveiled a website that didn't just speak; it roared. It was a testament to Midlands Printing's unique, meticulous printing processes. But it didn't stop there. We infused it with tech wizardry, making it a darling of search engines far and wide.

And our digital marketing wizardry? Oh, it was a showstopper. With a dash of SEO sorcery and the magic of social media marketing, we catapulted Midlands Printing into the limelight, turning them into a local legend across the Midwest.

So, who is Midlands Printing now? We'd say they're more than a printing company. They're visionaries, dreamweavers and pioneers. They're a tech-savvy powerhouse, and they're here to make your ideas burst to life.

At Midlands Printing, the ink may be classic, but the approach is cutting-edge, and it's all thanks to Monstrous Media Group. Together, we're not just printing; we're making a statement.


Midlands Printing: Where Print Meets Progress

Shifting Perspectives, LLC: A Digital Platform for Equity in Education

In a world where education can either make or break futures, the need for equity has never been more urgent. Shifting Perspectives, LLC, founded in 2019, understands this urgency and has built its mission around it. Yet, the power of this mission needed a digital stage. Enter Monstrous Media Group.

The Need to Speak Up: Silence Breeds Inequity

The academic and opportunity gaps in education are not just numbers; they're roadblocks to individual futures. This message needed a platform, one that wasn't merely informational but transformational and would serve as a megaphone for Shifting Perspectives' vision of sowing S.E.E.D.S. (Standing for Equity in Education by Defying Silence).

Customizing a Platform for a Customized Service

Shifting Perspectives offers a broad range of services aimed at educators and leaders, from professional development to coaching and mentoring. Our task was to ensure that the diversity of these services was clear, accessible and easy to navigate.

  • Leadership Professional Development: A dedicated section was created to detail the tailored PD programs focusing on equity.
  • Coaching and Mentoring: A specific portal enables educators to understand how they can be supported in their journey toward equity.
  • Equity Walks: A robust yet user-friendly section explains what equity walks entail and how they can make a difference.
  • Workshop & Keynote Experiences: The website serves as a calendar and portfolio of Shifting Perspectives’ ongoing and upcoming lectures and workshops.

Safety, Security and Speed: Non-Negotiables

Given the sensitive nature of equity in education, the website needed to be robust and secure. We built the platform on ExpressionEngine CMS, well-known for its security features. It ensures that Shifting Perspectives can focus on its mission without worrying about digital safety.

Not Just a Website: A Movement

While the digital platform is a newer addition to Shifting Perspectives' portfolio, its purpose is beyond informational; it’s transformational. It aims to be the starting point for any educational leader who wants to make a real impact in the world of academic equity.

An Ongoing Commitment

Monstrous Media Group believes in the transformative power of education and is committed to providing ongoing support and updates to the Shifting Perspectives’ website as their inspiring work continues to evolve.

Shifting Perspectives, LLC: A Digital Platform for Equity in Education

Introducing DF Development: Digital Stewards of Sustainable Landscapes

DF Development is not your run-of-the-mill land development company. They are the architects of a better tomorrow, managing lands across the nation with an emphasis on sustainable practices. Their love for Idaho and its natural beauty is evident in their work. But how do you convey this passion and expertise digitally?

The Task: A Digital Frontier

DF Development wanted to reinvigorate their online presence to echo their commitment to sustainable land management and community outreach. They chose Monstrous Media Group for the task, challenging us to build a digital experience as vast and inviting as the Idaho wilderness they help protect.

Crafting the Digital Wilderness: A Team Effort

Monstrous Media Group is all about rising to challenges, especially ones that are in line with our ethos of innovative problem-solving. We took a deep dive into DF Development's core values and services to ensure the website would be both engaging and functional.

Features and Amenities: It’s All in the Details

  • Leasing Made Easy: An intuitive interface helps users navigate through available land options for lease, connecting people and properties effortlessly.
  • Explore Recreation: A dynamic section devoted to showcasing the variety of recreational activities possible on DF Development lands, from hiking to fishing.
  • Partners in Conservation: Spotlight features on their partnerships bring attention to collaborative sustainability efforts.

Future-Ready: On Solid Digital Ground

Built on a secure and robust platform, the website is positioned to evolve along with DF Development's continuous work in land conservation and management.

Continuous Stewardship: An Ongoing Commitment

Much like DF Development's dedication to sustainable land management, our partnership continues to thrive. We maintain their digital landscape just as carefully as they maintain their physical ones, adapting features and functionalities as they evolve.


To Wrap It Up

DF Development's new website is more than just a platform; it's an online representation of their commitment to a sustainable, community-oriented future. With Monstrous Media Group as their digital partner, they're set to welcome the next generation of conservationists and nature lovers.


Introducing DF Development: Digital Stewards of Sustainable Landscapes

CARBO: Engineering the Future, Digitally

CARBO is not your ordinary industrial company. With 43 years of experience, 97 patents and operations in 17 countries, it’s an innovation powerhouse. But how do you showcase this broad spectrum of achievements and capabilities? Monstrous Media Group had the answer.

The Challenge: Communicate Complexity Simply

CARBO is a complex organization that provides products and technologies across a range of industries. Translating this multifaceted nature into a digital platform without overwhelming the user was the challenge.

Collaboration: Meet the Brains Behind the Operation

CARBO’s team is an ensemble of PhDs, chemists and specialized engineers — people who don't just think out of the box but redefine it. Our role was to ensure that the brilliance of CARBO’s R&D team was evident online, a digital handshake if you will, introducing them to the world.

Features and Functionality: Not Just Numbers but Stories

Patents and Innovation: A dynamic section was created to keep track of CARBO's ever-growing list of patents, showcasing their relentless focus on innovation.

Global Reach: Interactive maps and case studies were utilized to represent their footprint in 17 countries.

By the Numbers: Real-time counters were integrated to keep a tally of their impressive metrics — like the staggering 22,964,894,212 pounds of product delivered.

Secure, Robust and Built on ExpressionEngine CMS

Considering the volume of valuable data and intellectual property, a secure platform was non-negotiable. Built on the robust ExpressionEngine CMS, we ensured that the platform was as secure as it was informative.

Ongoing Partnership: Adapting to Innovation

Just like CARBO, we believe in continuous improvement. We provide ongoing maintenance to adapt the website’s features and functionalities to align with CARBO's ever-evolving innovations.

To Sum It Up

The CARBO website is not just a static presentation but an evolving digital asset that mirrors its host's dynamism, innovation and global impact.



CARBO: Engineering the Future, Digitally

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