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The Pinnacle of Health Care Staffing: Exchange by RTG — A Masterclass in Security and User Experience

In an industry where efficiency can make or break outcomes, RTG's groundbreaking Medical Service Provider (MSP) software, Exchange, stands as a testament to what can be achieved when health care staffing knowledge meets cutting-edge software development. The challenge? To build a website that could mirror the innovation, security and user-centric focus that Exchange itself embodies. Monstrous Media Group rose to the occasion.

Not Just Another Software: The Imperative of Exchange in Health Care Staffing

Exchange is no ordinary MSP. Developed by the health care staffing experts at RTG, in close collaboration with our software development team, it serves as a modern platform that elevates standard tasks, simplifies staffing and provides transparency throughout the process. With such a revolutionary product, the stakes for an accompanying website were sky-high. It had to be secure, user-friendly and efficient — qualities that Exchange itself is renowned for.

Where Innovation Meets User Experience

Leveraging our expertise and working closely with Exchange's own team of experts, Monstrous Media Group set out to create a digital platform that would serve as an ideal companion to Exchange. The website had to be more than just an information portal; it needed to be a functional, interactive experience that lived up to the reputation of Exchange.

Key Features:

  • Web 3.0 Responsiveness: Utilizing HTML5 and CSS3, we ensured the site was fully responsive. Just like Exchange simplifies staffing, the website simplifies user engagement across all platforms.
  • User-Centric UI: Reflecting Exchange's own focus on user experience, we built an intuitive interface where essential information is easily accessible, simplifying the decision-making process for users.

Security and Speed: Non-Negotiables in the World of Exchange

With Exchange being a critical tool that handles sensitive staffing processes, the need for unparalleled security was evident. We chose ExpressionEngine CMS for its robustness and security features, ensuring that users could navigate with peace of mind, mirroring the secure environment that Exchange provides.

Indicators of Silent Success

Performance metrics tell their story. The new Exchange website has been a key asset as RTG successfully filled their new location building. It's not just a website; it’s an extension of what Exchange aims to provide: efficiency, transparency and user satisfaction.

An Ongoing Journey Towards Excellence

At Monstrous Media Group, the launch of a website isn't the end of a project — it's the beginning of an ongoing partnership. We continue to collaborate with the Exchange team, keeping the platform up-to-date as the world of health care staffing evolves.


The Pinnacle of Health Care Staffing: Exchange by RTG — A Masterclass in Security and User Experience

Introducing DVLP: The Ultimate Sports Training Hub

DVLP isn't just an app — it's a revolution in the sports training world. Built to connect athletes with top-tier resources and trainers, it's the one-stop shop for athletic development. But how do you capture this innovative spirit on the web? Enter Monstrous Media Group.

The Game Plan: A Full-Court Press

DVLP aimed to create an online space to serve athletes and trainers alike. They needed a website that wouldn't just look great but would also offer seamless user experience and functionality. So they turned to us, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to be a part of it.

Taking It to the Net: A Collaborative Play

The project was a joint venture between DVLP's visionary creators and our skilled development team. We delved into DVLP's mission to ensure the site would serve both trainers and athletes with equally high efficacy.

Bringing Home the Win: Feature Highlights

  • 24/7 Digital Storefront: Trainers can monetize their expertise, offering everything from training services to merch and online courses.
  • Find a Trainer: Athletes can browse a curated database to find the perfect trainer to elevate their game.
  • Schedule Management: A comprehensive dashboard allows trainers to manage their schedules and track revenue.
  • Hand-Picked Content: Athletes get access to a vetted library of quality training videos, curated by seasoned coaches.

The MVP: Always in Play

With a robust back-end, the DVLP website is future-ready and agile, capable of adapting as the platform continues to expand its offerings and user base.

Keeping the Ball Rolling: Maintenance and More

Our work didn't end with the launch. We continue to manage and optimize DVLP's digital platform, ensuring it remains the go-to resource for athletes and trainers alike.

Bridging the Gap: More than Just a Web Developer

Beyond the development of the website, Monstrous Media Group took on a critical role as a technical bridge between DVLP and their offshore application developer. Recognizing that DVLP's leadership were experts in sports training but not necessarily in tech, we provided comprehensive project management to ensure that all parties were on the same page.

Our involvement extended to UI consultation, ensuring that the application was not only functional but also user-friendly and in line with DVLP's brand image. The collaboration allowed DVLP to focus on what they do best — providing top-notch resources for athletes and trainers — while we made sure the tech aspect was executed flawlessly.

The Final Whistle

DVLP's new website is more than a digital interface; it's the cornerstone of a burgeoning community of athletes and trainers. With Monstrous Media Group running their digital plays, they're all set for long-term success.

Website: https://www.dvlp.ap

Introducing DVLP: The Ultimate Sports Training Hub

Smart GEN Society Omaha

Monstrous Media Group (MMG) is proud to announce the launch of Smart Girl Society Mobile Application! This is in addition to the new responsive website we built previously for their organization. This new Android and iOS compatible mobile application is designed specifically for parents and educators. 

Who Is Smart GEN Society?

Smart GEN Society (SGS) is an approved 501(c)(3) non-profit in the Omaha area. The world of social media can be a difficult and scary one to navigate through- this is why SGS is needed. SGS aims to educate teens, parents, and educators about the dangers of social media and how to correctly use these social media platforms.

What Did the Monster At MMG Do?

MMG was brought on by Smart GEN Society to build a native mobile application that works with their current website. Our monsters created an ionic mobile framework. The application itself is integrated with their website so the content inside the application can be created and managed through the same ExpressionEngine CMS that powers their website.

The application has the following sections: Live Feed, Trending Application, Confidence Boost, and Research. The site also has a Blog section, with the everything parents, teens and teachers need to know about what’s happening in the digital world.

The Live Feed section includes a constantly updating feed of Smart GEN Society's’ social media accounts, like Twitter and Facebook. The Trending Application section contains the need-to-know information for parents. This information includes all the popular social media platforms being used, how these platforms are affecting their teens and at what age Smart GEB Society recommends teens be able to use each trending app.

Furthermore, another part of the application includes Confidence boost. This is a feed of fun images and quotes to inspire others and help users through difficult times. The Research section contains data files and information that users can download for more insight into the social media world, how to better understand these platforms and the dangers of each different platform.

We are excited about the mobile application and all of the features it offers! We wanted to make sure all of the great content on their responsive website was able to be used with their application.  We will continue to work with Smart GEB Society on Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies!

As many of us are parents ourselves here at Monstrous Media Group, working with Smart GEN Society has become a passion project for us! Bing submerged in the social media world day in and day out makes us hyper-aware of what can happen online! This is a great organization and we are thrilled to help be a part of it!

Go download the app in iTunes and Google Play Store!

Smart GEN Society Omaha

On My Feet Mobile App

Monstrous Media Group (MMG) is happy to announce the Mobile Application for On My Feet! This involved the development of a social media mobile application compatible for Android and iPhone users!

Who Is On My Feet?

On My Feet (OMF) is a company passionate about footwear! The perfect day, the best night of your life, and the job interview you nailed all have one thing in common, the perfect shoes. OMF knows that footwear can connect people through a common interest.  

What Did Monstrous Media Group Do?  

On My Feet is an ambitious mobile application experience; it’s social media for your shoes! We created an Android and iOS app using ionic framework. This framework allows users to create accounts, setup image lockers, upload and share their images and videos of their shoe collection with others. The ability to share their photos and videos of their sneakers with others is a critical part of this mobile application. It allows for shoe-lovers to unite! This is all completed with tags and the ability to buy awesome shoes and apparel through the store interface.

The Monsters at MMG agree that the right shoes can lead you to success. We are excited to continue working with On My Feet through other projects, such as, Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization strategies.

If you’re a self proclaimed shoe fanatic download the application on your smartphone!

On My Feet Mobile App

Smart GEN Society

Monstrous Media Group (MMG) is proud to announce the launch of Smart GEN Society! We created their new responsive website and created both Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Digital Marketing Strategies for SGS. This involved a new concept design for their website and digital marketing strategies. The Digital Marketing Strategies included: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, and Blog Strategy.

Who Is Smart GEN Society?

Smart GEN Society is an approved 501(c)(3) non-profit in the Omaha area. The goal at Smart GEN Society, (SGS), is to use educational workshops, civic outreach programs, and technology and social media research with parents and educators and girls about authenticity on social media and in real life. SGS aims to educate parents and teens about safety on social media applications and public websites. Furthermore, SGS stresses the importance of girls working on their Personal Brand Development when it comes to their education and healthy social skills.

How Did The Monsters At Monstrous Media Group Help?

MMG was brought on by Smart GEN Society for a complete website redesign to help them increase their web presence. Our Monsters created a new website design for them and worked to improve the flow of their site. Furthermore, with our improved Content Management System, we were able to help simplify their scheduling and purchasing tickets for their workshops .

We love the content that Smart GEN Society was generating on their site, so we improved on readability and the overall layout. Furthermore, each section was made more user-friendly, this way all of their great content was easier to access and read!

Smart GEN Society is currently utilizing SEO and Digital Marketing Strategies. In an effort to bring more site traffic, the Monsters at MMG created a customized SEO strategy utilizing keywords and market research. As part of this plan, MMG optimized their social media pages and blogging strategy. Over time, the digital marketing plan will attain more site traffic to Smart Girl Society’s page and improve their brand recognition.

We are extremely proud of the work that was completed with Smart GEN Society. We are excited to continue working with them through Digital Marketing and SEO strategies. Please click on the arrow below to see their finished website.

Smart GEN Society

Project Storytell

April 17, 2017 - Project Storytell was originally brought into the Monstrous Media Group (MMG) offices as a sketched-out idea on paper. The Monsters at MMG took those pieces and turned them into a fully-formed responsive website and mobile app. Project Storytell is now a unique communal storytelling application with customizable rules and scenarios. All stories are archived for participants and non-participants to read.

The Project Storytell website and app is complete with a real-time messaging system - including push notifications - and customized database solutions.

Project Storytell

Victory Fighting Championships v3

Monstrous Media Group is proud to announce the re-launch of the redesigned Victory Fighting Championships website mobile application and online brand.  The launch comes after a 2 month concept design and development project to create a fresh and current brand for Victory Fighting Championships, just in time for their recently announced UFC Fight Pass debut.

The new website not only gives VFC a spanking new brand to match their amazing performance offerings it comes with a heap of new features including online ticket ordering, direct tie into UFC Fight Pass, marketing automation newsletter and ecommerce management and an entire bag full of amazing and useful content management, marketing and business operation improvement solutions.

Monstrous Media Group was also tasked with producing a few other special initiatives to help explain VFC's recent expansion into UFC. We are very proud of our work and are excited to work continue to work with VFC on their future success.

Head over to Victory Fighting Championships' new website and check them out!

Victory Fighting Championships v3

Trego Dugan Intranet Portal

Trego Dugan Aviation of Grand Island, Inc. (TDA-GI) started its airline ground handling division in 2008 when the Grand Island Airport Authority requested that it bid a handling  contract for Allegiant Air flights from Grand Island, Nebraska to Las Vegas. TDA-GI was new to this area of aviation but was the successful bidder. TDA-GI truly enjoyed this new venture and advised Allegiant Air that it was interested in performing such service at other airports.
And then the ride began...

Since 2008, the Airline Ground Handling Division has been the fastest growing part of the Trego Dugan family of companies.  Allegiant Air, Frontier, and American are the primary airlines handled by TDA-GI in addition to ad-hoc charters for Jet Blue, Republic, Southwest and Sun Country Airlines.  Trego Dugan currently does services "above and below the wing" on the MD-80, Airbus 318, 319, 320, Boeing 737, 757 and Embraer 140, 145.

When it came time for Trego-Dugan to redevelop their online brand they sought the best and we delivered. Trego Dugan was so happy with the work we did for their brand when it came to development an centralized online portal for them to conduct business across their national offices they knew right where to come.  After gathering requirements for several weeks MMG set out on the task to build Trego Dugan's intranet systems. Because of the complexity of the business operations and team footprints throughout the Nation we had to pay special attention to creating a portal that was robust, easy to navigate and update for all of the portals users but most importantly secure.

The new Trego-Dugan portal is build on Monstrous Media Group's own proprietary intranet system named Monstranet. Montranet is build on a PCI Compliant standard and houses custom build reporting engines, an external/internal communication system, a content management system, and dynamic department housing system, among many many other features.

We had a blast working with Trego-Dugan Jet Management on the creation of their new intranet portal and look forward to upcoming future phased projects to build out more of their flight operational systems.

Trego Dugan Intranet Portal

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